Press Clipping

News in the press about my career. Selection of news and interviews in the Spanish and international media.

AS 20.06.2018 Jurado, camino del Al Ahli saudí junto a Alexis El Desmarque 18.05.2018 Espanyol adds two last-minute losses AS 17.05.2018 Jurado and Sergio Sánchez miss the last day La Grada 27.04.2018 “I have a contract and I see myself at Espanyol next season” Mundo Deportivo 26.04.2018 Jurado: “Players like me feel comfortable with the new coach” Mundo Deportivo 13.04.2018 Piatti, Melendo and Jurado with inconveniences Prensa 2.01.2017 I was about to return to Atlético de Madrid Don Balón 24.10.2016 I will sign with FC Barcelona, is a great team Prensa 15.09.2016 Jurado, style remains Prensa 6.08.2016 I want to play again in the Spanish League Prensa 3.08.2016 Interview with Jurado, football player of Watford Football Club Vavel 5.07.2016 Watford sign Jose Manuel Jurado Goal 5.07.2016 Jurado sign with Watford, the team coached by Sánchez Flores Prensa Internacional 23.06.2016 I Can´t Wait to Get Started at Watford Prensa Internacional 2.04.2016 Jose Manuel Jurdo sends Twitter message ahead of Sunderland v Watford El Español 23.12.2015 I have deserved to be with the national team Prensa Internacional 11.12.2015 We have to maintain winning run against Sunderland Prensa 10.08.2015 Interview with José Manuel Jurado Marca 6.08.2015 Quique ask me to move the team Prensa 1.08.2015 Premier League is an exciting challenge Prensa Internacional 22.07.2015 Watford sign José Manuel Jurado from Spartak Moscow Marca 22.07.2015 José Manuel Jurado, ninth signing of Watford Diario Gol 28.04.2015 If Madrid call me, I will come back Prensa Internacional 27.04.2015 Interview with Jurado, Spartak’s football player 24.04.2015 I would like to come back to Spain Prensa 13.12.2014 I work hard every day to go with the Spanish national team; is my dream La Voz del Madridismo 5.10.2014 Jurado: “Real Madrid has given me everything” ABC 13.09.2014 Real Madrid still having a great team Goal 1.09.2014 Jurado, close to come back to Atlético de Madrid Prensa 17.08.2014 Jurado will give up their half salary AS 17.08.2014 Jurado’s brilliant skills Prensa 16.05.2014 What a goal, after his last dribbling like Iniesta Prensa 6.02.2014 Greatest talent of Real’s Madrid cantera Prensa 6.02.2013 Life doesn’t end without Real Madrid Prensa 27.10.2012 Now he is the indisputed star of Spartak Mundo Deportivo 6.02.2012 Conjurados Prensa 6.02.2011 In Spain football is more highquality and in Germany is high level of effectiveness Revier Sport 6.02.2011 Jurados Kindheitstaum wird wahr Marca 4.12.2010 Jurado’s goal moves Schalke on first position Auf Schalke 4.12.2010 Auf Schalke Prensa 31.08.2010 Jurado puts Atletico at the highest Prensa 16.03.2010 Jurado finds gold in the mud Marca 30.10.2009 Jurado give to Manzano a piece of art with goal Mundo Deportivo 4.05.2009 Juramentados Mundo Deportivo 10.11.2008 Heroic challenge Mundo Deportivo 5.10.2008 Superb leader